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Criminal Defense Investigations

Based in the Washington DC area, our company offers highly experienced criminal defense investigators with varied specialties. We are comprised of retired police officers and seasoned civilian investigators. Our clients include numerous prominent and well respected private defense attorneys from DC, Maryland, and Virginia as well as county and federal public defenders. Spanish speaking investigators or interpreters are also a part of our team. In addition to DC area investigations, we have assisted clients who require investigations in any part of the country by working alongside other licensed private investigators

Visitation Supervision and Children

In addition to investigations, Ms. Yourick conducts supervision of parents with their children for child custody cases or court ordered supervision. Her past experience as a child abuse investigator and police officer makes her well suited to deal with children, and high conflict situations with parents. She has been a professional supervisor for 5 years, Ms. Yourick is also an expert in conducting forensic interviewing of children to asses potential sexual or physical abuse.

PO Box 17, Clarksburg MD 20871

C: 240-286-2978

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