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Kimberly C. Yourick

Retired from Montgomery County, MD Police Department after 17 years of service as a police officer and detective. She has been a private defense investigator and agency owner for 11 years. While at the Montgomery County Police Department she specialized in Child Abuse and Sex Crimes investigation, then taught investigations and other areas of law at the Montgomery County Police Academy.

She has conducted all types of criminal defense investigations ranging from serious offenses such as homicide and first degree sex offenses to more minor traffic offenses. She has also conducted civil and domestic investigations. Many of her regular clients include numerous private attorneys and firms who have been chosen as top DC Area attorneys.

She was chosen to be one of the recommended paneled investigators for the Maryland Federal Public Defender's Office and is on the list of preferred investigators for the Maryland State Public Defender's Office. She works closely with members of the Montgomery County Bar.

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